Company Courses

REISER provides a wide range of opportunities for the development of human resources, ranging from the technical management of the most widespread applications available on the market, to tutoring oriented towards the management and coordination of IT services.
All courses are organised by instructors with extensive experience in the field and include practical sessions and simulations which are organised at our office or directly at customer companies.
Full customisation is the strong point of all our training products, making them adaptable to a vast range of requirements and company contexts in which participants operate. We provide a simple program which can be built on to tailor the course to customer requirements.

Some examples

Foundation SQL


  • To interact with a Database Management System using SQL language


  • Introduction to database models and focus on referential integrity
  • Instruments for interacting with a DBMS
  • Introduction to SQL language, Views, Triggers, Functions and Procedures
  • Transactions and ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)
  • Hands-on practice session

Linux server administration


  • General overview of ordinary administration of a Linux Ubuntu server and to provide suitable tools for verification, maintenance and first-level troubleshooting.


  • Overview
  • Installation
  • First steps
  • Networking configuration
  • Filesystem
  • Users, groups, authorisations
  • Boot processes, systemd, services, processes
  • Performance & monitoring, Log files
  • Overview of kernel


Over the last few years, thanks to intense cooperation with entities and other local public and private bodies, REISER has organised seminars and meetings on a broad range of IT topics, accessible free of charge and on invitation. Inspired by the success of these seminars we have organised specific workshops on topics of general interest, which aim to develop awareness in the management of company IT infrastructures.
Security, the discontinuation of hard copy media, the role of the web in company communication strategies are just some of the topics covered in workshops, with a consistent focus on awareness of the latest frontiers of technology, correct adoption and use.


An overview of European privacy regulation

Seminar held in 2017 with “ILAS – “Imprenditori Lainatesi Associati” (associated businessmen of Lainate), in preparation for the entry into force of the new privacy law. Thanks to the involvement of the engineer Mr. Paolo Cupola, a leading Italian expert in company regulation and organisation, the main aspects of European privacy legislation were covered, as well as impact on the management of data via IT infrastructure.

The paper-free office

Document management systems and their impact on the company

A workshop dedicated to the progressive elimination of paper documents, their digitalisation and consequent adjustment of company procedures and methods of information collection, cataloguing and conservation. An overview on legal and operative aspects which impact work methods at all information management levels, also covering management methods and security issues deriving from changes implicit in making the switch to full electronic document management.

Online presence

Company image through new tools of communication

Since the turn of the century, online presence is one of the tools companies have had to get to grips with in order to promote their own image. Over the last 20 years the Internet has radically evolved into a bi-directional instrument, enabling clientele (potential or acquired) to interact with company dynamics and become an integral part of a process for the improvement of products and services provided. This seminar aims to raise awareness on a range of new opportunities and their potential integration as part of a marketing plan which enables you to reach out onto markets which until now have been inaccessible.