About Us

A technological partner for your projects

The beating heart of REISER is its internal team of sector professionals who for years have been providing their own IT competencies at the service of companies in the complex world of Information Communication Technology.
passion for our work has always inspired us to seek out the best solutions designed according to specific company requests.

Fondo cerchi griglia arancioni
Fondo cerchi griglia arancioni
Grafica di cerchi blu e azzurri che rappresentano il concetto di trasformazione digitale.
Immagine icona che integra tutti i servizi che offriamo.
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For SMEs
we are the ideal partner for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to leverage their IT structure, making it the strong point of their image.
we provide a long-term partnership for the management of all technical aspects guaranteed by excellent IT skills.
we assist companies, we develop excellence in all sectors of Information and Communications Technology.
For large companies
For the market
Fondo con cerchi con variate percentuali di contrasto. Sezione per il mercato.
Fondo con cerchi con variate percentuali di contrasto. Sezione per le grandi aziende.







An expanding team

Company reorganisation resulted in the entry of a new shareholder; the development of connections with the territory’s manufacturing infrastructure enabled REISER to develop as the IT partner of local SMEs too.

Nuovi orizzonti: REISER Sviluppo

Continuous growth

Continuous company growth led to a new move of office premises to the historic centre of Lainate. The company’s infrastructures enabled it to expand its own range of services to control and remote assistance, enabling active and real time monitoring of Customer systems. The new premises are also home to a new data centre, which provides disaster recovery.

Our beginning

The first important customers were acquired and recognise the professionalism and ability of Reiser to provide innovative solutions to any type of problem. A solid collaboration develops over the years, by the side of large Corporate Groups like Sole 24 ore.

New challenges

Following a new company restructuring process, REISER was enriched with a new software development division, dedicated to the creation of customised applications, supported by the experience of new, highly qualified staff members. The development of the sales department led to geographic expansion in the acquisition of new clientele beyond regional and national borders.

New collaborators, new spaces

Year in which the new offices opened, located in Lainate and characterised by the presence of dedicated spaces for remote assistance and training activities. The workforce was expanded, with the hiring of a number of experts in reference technologies.