Code of ethics
The REISER code of ethics is the sum of the essential values ​​that constitute the heart of our corporate culture and guide our work on a daily basis.
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The Company, in carrying out its activities, acts in full compliance with the law, compliance with the legislation of employment contracts and all the regulations in force in the territories in which it operates, as well as with this Code of Ethics and company procedures, applying them with rectitude and equity.

It is of vital importance that the name of the Company is linked to an impeccable reputation regarding issues such as: integrity, honesty, loyalty, reliability, correctness, solidarity towards others and personal ethical conduct.

The directors, managers, employees and collaborators carry out their activities in the interests of the Company and must not accept gifts, gifts and benefits or be influenced by any type of pressure that directs their conduct towards external interests.


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REISER ensures the confidentiality of the information and personal data being processed and the protection of the information acquired in relation to the work performed, and also requires that the information obtained is not used for its own interests in order to gain undue profit or in contrary ways to the law or in a way that would harm the rights, assets and objectives of the Company.


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Safety and health in the workplace

REISER is committed to ensuring safe and healthy working environments and to being a supportive and responsible organization towards the environment. The standard is to comply with all laws and regulations relating to the environment, safety and health.

The Company is also committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for every employee. Each company worker must receive sufficient and adequate training with particular reference to their workplace and duties and is required to comply with all safety rules and procedures.


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Respect and equal opportunities

Staff are the company’s key resources: respect, opportunities for growth and development, recognition of personal merits represent the guidelines. Agents and employees must all be treated with equal dignity regardless of the greater or lesser importance of each of them.

The company undertakes to maintain a work environment free from any hostile or discriminatory conduct towards protected categories and does not tolerate verbal expressions or physical manifestations on the part of employees that annoy, disturb or interfere with the work performance of other employees or that create an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile environment.

REISER is an employer that guarantees equal opportunities: discrimination is not permitted against any individual based on race, skin color, sex, country of origin, age, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, individual expression , military or veteran status, disability status, or any other category protected by law or on any other factor, as prohibited by applicable law. This policy applies to all aspects of employment at the Company, including selection, hiring, training, advancement and termination.


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REISER is aware that the protection of all the planet’s environmental resources is a matter of primary importance. To this end, it undertakes to evaluate the environmental impact of every present and/or future activity and to comply with environmental laws and regulations.

The Company pursues and promotes a corporate policy that is attentive to any problem connected to the environment and the territory.