Istituto Gonzaga


Grafica di cerchi rossi e rosa che rappresentano il concetto di sviluppo e crescita.
The Gonzaga Institute is a historic school located in the center of Milan, offering a complete educational path from early childhood to high school. The website serves as a reference point and a means to connect interested parties with the institution, which can also function as a tool for conducting and organizing tasks and activities. The need for a graphical update and a change in the internal management structure has led to the current project. The project focuses on redesigning the graphical and structural interface of the website’s navigation and creating a management platform. The development of this platform allows for a self-manageable backend for the administration and various course users, with a simple structure for managing contact forms, interview requests, job applications, and newsletters.

Technology used:


Immagine che mostra l’anteprima della home page del sito web sviluppato per l'Istituo Gonzaga a Milano.