Services and solutions

Services and solutions

Technology as a business tool

The conviction that highly qualified support becomes an effective business tool has inspired REISER to develop over the years into what it is today: an IT company at the service of companies and which develops excellence in all sectors of the ICT world.

ICT Management

Analysis and design

  • Customer Needs analysis and preparation of a highly detailed project document.

  • A clear and all-embracingvision for IT infrastructure development.

  • Analysis and design are executed in collaboration with the customer to guarantee desired results.

System consultancy

  • Full and care-free management of the entire IT infrastructure, with the preparation and updating of complete plans for disaster recovery.

  • Integration and development of components necessary for the effective operation of company IT infrastructure in all fields.

  • There are no pre-packaged solutions: solutions are always tailored to customer needs.

Database Administration

  • The design, planning and implementation of complex data infrastructures, both on-site and through major providers of in cloud solutions, to support company development.

  • Enhanced security by applying transparent data encryption in real time, limiting any losses even in the event of compromised physical support.

  • Performance analysis, assessment of the organisational health of data bases and tuning activities to maintain optimal system status.

Virtualised infrastructures

  • Simple and effective management of your IT infrastructure.
  • Design and implementation of complex virtualisation systems
  • Hybrid in-cloud Solutions, hyperconvergence systems and software defined storage.

Monitoring and preventive assistance

  • Proactive monitoring systems and remote assistance, also for helpdesks.

  • Continuous surveillance (24/7/365), rapid and certified response times, both remote and on-site.

  • Your IT staff is relieved of the burden of controls and users’ requests, so that they can focus purely on company infrastructure development.

Cloud Management

  • Design and planning of complex infrastructures with major in-cloud solution providers.

  • Monitoring and continuous assistance for your elaboration or storage services.

  • Reduced maintenance and updating costs for your company services network.

Code Factoring

Web Application

  • Active communication between the company and the public, management systems for contents, as well as instant tracking of visits.

  • Applications for the sorting of information and active web marketing

  • Customer needs analysis and development of tailor-made web applications.

Customized App

  • Development of an application built on the basis of a needs analysis for functionality

  • Development of tailor made

  • Autonomy and reliability in the development of applications

Integration of applications

  • Development of programmes for data exchange channels among pre-existing applications.
  • Message sorting systems for the communication of data between non-homogeneous devices.

  • Company services communicate in an automatic, rapid and reliable

Company Solutions

Mail Management

  • Email outsourcing solutions which eliminate passive maintenance costs of an internal service (backup of mail, creation or deletion of user accounts, etc.).

  • Systems for the total and delocalised management of all company communications via email, for enhanced flexibility and management cost containment.

  • Effective and worry-free management of company emails.

Document Management Systems

  • Solutions for halving the costs and doubling the speed of access to data, the elimination of waste and excess paper, increasing productivity and the quality of results.
  • Document management systems, both at the company and with outsourcing solutions, hard copy document scanning services.

  • Availability of own documents and effortless workflow management.

Software As A Service

  • Totally safe and rapid provision of software and services, thanks to our hardware infrastructure complete with protected and monitored data centres.

  • Tailored services, developed according to company requirements, for the outsourcing of company procedures, enabling the cutting of management costs.

  • Greater security and reduced effort in the management of own software products.